The depth and width of the weld formed by a single most powerful laser pointer

In order to solve the weld brittle, encountered in the traditional process of welding deformation, low production efficiency, a new most powerful laser pointer introduced the welding technology, not only can improve the weld quality and process stability, reduce the production cost, can more effectively achieve a variety of materials of seamless welding, as a supplement and extension of traditional welding process.

most powerful laser pointer3

Even with the laser welding process, usually more kinds of metal materials, the formation of the weld is more brittle, so can not be divorced from the expensive most powerful laser pointer welding system must adopt high power and high speed running through to achieve the desired effect. However, the Manz has entered the mature stage of the new welding process, is almost entirely avoid mixing melt by high frequency modulation or local swing beam weld to separate the spot formed micron meter depth and width, the laser welding is carried out in the overlapping configuration.most powerful laser pointer1

Most powerful laser pointer not only can be flexibly used in double metal welding welding connection, can be flexibly applied to high reflective copper material, weld forming, strong durability and stability, and no brittle intermetallic phase, which can effectively reduce the welding failure rate. In addition, the cross section of weld connection per mm the length of a few tenths of a millimeter square, suitable for welding of ultra-thin metal.most powerful laser pointer2

Most powerful laser pointer can ensure the welding penetration depth to micron accurately at the same time, reduce the material mixing condition. In addition, new type of scanning mirror system is developed in order to meet the requirements of dynamic process control and can be easily realized in up to 4kHz by the rolling frequency continuous operation, which makes the process more stable and accurate. Flexible.