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Viridian laser is the principle of what to read information recorded on an optical disk?

We usually say viridian laser is actually a component of the spindle motor, servo motor, the structure of the laser head and moving mechanical parts. And the laser head is composed of a lens group and a laser diode. Laser light from laser diode for generating and emitting laser, it can produce a wavelength of about 400nm (blue) -680nm (red) light in the laser head, a planar reflection prism of a very clever design.

viridian laser1

When CD-ROM in CD-ROM, sent from the photodiode signal converted into a laser beam, and then by plane prism to the disc. The CD is due to the uneven pits on behalf of “0” and “1” to record the data, so they accept viridian laser when the reflected light is weak the points.

viridian laser2

When the reflected viridian laser through the plane of refraction prism, the photodiode is changed into electrical signals, after conversion into a level control circuit, with only “0”, “digital signal 1″ signal, the computer can read the Cd contents. The laser wavelength is shorter, can distinguish more small bump pit is the same size of the optical disk storage capacity is higher.viridian laser3

When reading is played in the past by viridian laser, which is on the receiver to obtain binary convex discriminant information. Different wavelength of laser in determining the size of the disc can play information is not the same, because most if its minimum energy hole, which is intensive.

If you want to power, why don’t you learn to be a handheld gas viridian laser?

This is a hand-held, about 8Kg, 6 power lithium battery power supply, the output power of 60W, the end mirror and the discharge tube cooling cycle, the ignition can be 10 meters away, the picture is a cement wall was viridian laser burned to the melt dripping scene is very comfortable? Has tutorial in preparation, and has order all the accessories, when I filmed out. I hope more people can come into contact with the charm of science and technology!viridian laser1

Someone mentioned the security problem of viridian laser, I want to say is, than laser dangerous things everywhere, I do not know why so many know almost virgin heart, if the laser danger, rather than the 220V alternating current danger, bear children if the handle feels how to do? And far more destructive than the tens of watts of laser fireworks a variety of hand-held fireworks?viridian laser2

But indeed safety problem must not be underestimated, this also remind friends on this issue of concern, love science to science is a good thing, but we must ensure the safety, including the comments mentioned in the goggles protective measures are an essential tool for scientific experiments, there are risks in the production of viridian laser:

viridian laser3

Processing, large capacity power lithium battery power lithium battery, especially lithium batteries, can provide very large currents, generally can reach more than 10A, if in the process accidentally short-circuit, may cause fever, explosion risk. Viridian laser drive circuit, the circuit output can reach a maximum of 100 thousand volts, not only insulation measures to do a good job, but also to prevent the breakdown of air discharge, the degree of risk is very large, strongly recommended that there is no operating personnel not related professional knowledge, strongly recommended!

What will be the impact of the camera with viridian laser phone camera?

Viridian laser mobile phone camera exposure screen will display a large red edge white spots, removed after recovery after irradiation. The blue screen, digital camera, mobile phone screen display similar, and will show a red dot 4*4, may be several times of refraction reflection optical devices. It kept AF removed after thought the fault is, after a week and myself.viridian laser1

The lens of the spot is not smaller than the diffraction limit, the radius is approximately expressed as a 1.22f*lambda/D. that is to say, no matter what kind of lens, light can be focused to infinitely small. In addition, viridian laser is not only a parallel light, has a divergence angle and lens, the more powerful, light radiation after focusing more quickly. In other words, after focusing the light will only have larger power density in a small area.viridian laser2

Viridian laser as a weapon, is not to say that the light is focused on the OK, because of the strong power density time will have effect filamentation in air, the air breakdown will, the laser energy will be reduced, will introduce chirp, introduce various spectral components, will form a silk, will have a strong diffraction. In a word, as some characteristics of laser weapons will no longer exist.viridian laser3

Normally, each viridian laser scan can melt and re solidified layers of powder, the powder layer thickness is usually 20 to 150 m. in each time after laser irradiation the extra powder from the work area to scrape, and then repeat the above process until to construct a strong three-dimensional (3D) parts.

Viridian laser innovation in the design and manufacturing process for the high power laser system cost and reliability to create more benefits

Tube cutting applications in the global viridian laser market is the most prominent, the main products in the proportion of cardiovascular stent production based on continuous improvement, this is because of this kind of laser cutting has configuration unlimited, reduce production cost and can eliminate the superposition of tolerance and other advantages. Other potential and hot plate also includes 3D cutting, plate cutting and power the transmission system application.viridian laser1

Viridian laser excellent beam manipulation capabilities which are increasingly used in 3D application and its cutting; cutting plate offers the advantages include exciting more closely focused spot size, higher focal depth, faster processing speed and larger working distance, thereby reducing the workpiece tolerances.viridian laser2

Since viridian laser in cutting and welding application of cost-effective in the growing proportion, expected compound annual growth rate of products will achieve 15.4% in high power application sector. At the same time, marking the application in second, attributed to FDA for patient safety and trade policy considerations identification requirements in all medical, dental and surgical device a unique identification number of the regulations.viridian laser3

The elderly population increased significantly and the prevalence rate of diabetes rose to become viridian laser. The demand of thrust increases with the number of refractive surgery and cataract surgery, ophthalmology clinics are more hospitals and improve the demand and use of ophthalmic laser systems. At the same time, the development of China strengthen in health care consciousness and also boost the spending growth a market.

Viridian laser is an efficient cleaning tool that removes all traces of residual oil

In the manufacturing process of components may be used drawing lubricant or cooling lubricant and viridian laser. these residues usually cannot be seen, but it would seriously reduce the subsequent engagement or Lazer pointer. high especially in the automotive industry and its suppliers highly automated viridian green laser, green laser sight and reliability standards have been improved, now laser pointer for cats detection has become an integral part of the production process.viridian laser1

Recently, the most powerful laser pointer.Handheld laser to become the protagonist in the target area of the residual liquid to pay more attention to the rapid evaporation of liquid pollution, effect of measurable, repeatable, viridian laser, can realize automation. The traditional cleaning method is very time-consuming, not automated, and usually has a harmful effect on the Lazer  pointer. No, a reliable method for measuring viridian green laser.

viridian laser1

In the big gear assembly in the production of green laser sight due to the lower energy, which can reduce the deformation, so the laser pointer for cats. has become a common automotive train in a large number of components to meet the strict most powerful laser pointer, they use different materials and handheld laser, it is difficult to use traditional techniques or impossible to be welded.viridian laser3

Carmakers need fast, automated way to conduct a thorough clean-up of viridian laser, so as to obtain strong, void free and Lazer pointer. viridian green laser welding and micro cracks, especially the use of laser pulse cleaning system green laser sight can meet all these requirements. Laser pointer for cats decided to  the main factor is the choice of cycle time the cleanliness and cleaning component.

As long as the encoding of the special information of the viridian laser near the bar code reader, you can invade the computer connected to the bar code reader

With all things Internet era, viridian laser attack method is no longer simply for the target of “the straight line type attack Lazer pointer“, by laser pointer for cats networking equipment , is becoming a kind of new crime means.Most powerful laser pointer, DNS service providers Lu Fei Zou Islands suffered massive rubber the attack, resulting in paralysis of more than half of the national network.viridian laser1

This is because the viridian laser event handling millions of lazer pointer and related recorder as a chicken, then use the laser pointer for cats, resulting in paralysis of most AI network to hijack echo. How to defend this new form of most powerful laser pointer, will become a new challenge for companies and security vendors.viridian laser2

Now things have become a network attack on viridian laser, as Lazer pointer of stealing information, big data, cloud computing, application of new technologies such as mobile Internet, continuous integration, massive equipment to access the Internet, these may become hackers laser pointer for cats, expects things will be the risk of most powerful laser pointer, the key area of network security management.

viridian laser3

We are facing today’s viridian laser, is no longer a line of code Lazer pointer, or between a few problems in the code, but an agreement and an agreement, or the occurrence of some interaction protocol laser pointer for cats, even between a device and a pile of equipment problems between a system and a system of most powerful laser pointer.

The pace of development of viridian laser is still very strong, it will make a greater contribution to us and we need to study it more deeply

In this medium can achieve viridian laser, to create the conditions necessary for Lazer pointer. Obviously metastable level exists, to realize the particle number anti reincarnation very favorable. The existing working medium can produce nearly 1000, the laser pointer for cats from vacuum ultraviolet to far infrared, but the laser is very extensive. The performance of most powerful laser pointer output into account, there are certain requirements for the work of substance use.

General can use gas discharge way to use viridian to laser with a kinetic energy of the excited media atoms, called Lazer pointer; also available pulse light source to irradiate the working medium, called laser pointer for cats; and the thermal excitation, chemical and other incentives. Incentives are shaped like chemical called pump or pump to. Most powerful has been laser pointer, must continue to “pump” to maintain the number of particles in the upper level than the lower level.

The work material and suitable pump source, can achieve a viridian laser, but the resulting stimulated radiation intensity is very weak, not practice. So people will think of using the Lazer pointer resonator was amplified. The so-called optical cavity, is actually in the laser ends, face to face with two pieces of high reflectivity the.Laser pointer for cats mirror, a most light reflection, a small amount of transmission out, so that the laser can be fired through the mirror. The light is reflected back to the working medium, the stimulated radiation induced to the new most, powerful laser pointer.

Viridian laser is a new science and technology has broad application prospects. The rapid and accurate is its biggest advantage, Lazer pointer can not only play standard in precision instruments, but also on the carpet cutting.Laser pointer for cats fast in the modern industrial enterprise lastingachievements. To promote the rapid development of industry.Most powerful laser pointer into the people’s life but also accelerated the progress of human society.

Christmas is coming, I bought a gift of viridian laser to your girlfriend, Christmas you send what

Transparent ceramic viridian laser more challenging, mainly because of its performance requirements more stringent than Windows applications. In the transparent ceramics, scattering is the largest Lazer pointer. In the process of consumption of transparent ceramic memory in a variety of scattering sources, including pores, grain boundary, gradient structure and optical single particle in anisotropic materials phase and crystal defects can make the local refractive index change of laser pointer for cats.

The production of transparent oxide ceramic technology matures, the scattering loss has been reduced to a satisfactory level. With the performance of the most powerful laser pointer ceramics can be produced by the laser crystal and the performance is comparable to.Viridian laser properties and crystal matrix by the crystal matrix and activation of pointer.Lazer ion composition, activation characteristics ion greatly. Now known as the laser pointer for cats, which can be roughly divided into fluoride crystals, oxysalt crystals and oxide crystal three categories.

Viridian laser holographic lithography technique is a kind of coherent Lazer pointer technology based on optical interference effect. In this technique, the use of laser pointer for cats multi beam interference effect occurs on the surface of the wafer overlap resulting in a variety of bright and dark regions formed by the.Most powerful laser pointer interference pattern arranged in a repeating cycle, one of the smallest graph bandwidth is the wavelength.

What lasers do you know? Lasers are one of the essential components in modern viridian laser processing systems.

Compared with the traditional viridian laser device, Lazer pointer semiconductor has the advantage of technology is obvious. With the development of semiconductor laser technology, semiconductor laser pointer for cats to other  based solid state lasers, such as fiber lasers, diode pumped solid-state laser, laser sheet development is very fast. The fiber laser the rapid development, especially the most powerful laser pointer optical fiber doped with rare earth.viridian-laser3

With the development of viridian laser laser processing technology, also in the continuous development, there are many new Lazer pointer device. The early laser processing laser is high power CO2 gas laser pointer for cats and YAG.21 lamp pumped solid laser at the beginning of the century, another kind of most powerful laser pointer semiconductor laser device.


With the development and wide application of viridian laser communication system, ultra fast nonlinear optics, optoelectronics, research and application of optical sensors in various fields has been paid more and more attention. Among them, the Lazer pointer fiber laser in the matrix, reduce the threshold, the oscillation wavelength range, wavelength tunable properties, has obvious progress, is at present laser pointer for cats in the field of new technology, it can be used in the existing communication system, transmission speed to support higher, is the future of high bit rate DWDM system and future coherent optical communication based most powerful laser pointer. The optical fiber technology is one of the hot research.viridian-laser1

Viridian laser is by virtue of her congenital advantages continue to expand their territory to full optical communication, high power Lazer pointer processing, laser medicine, biological technology expansion, especially in the laser pointer for cats her potential of processing and optical communications, let the industry as the acme of perfection, the new darling of the market may be in the future one day most powerful laser pointer to replace the traditional device.viridian-laser4

The distance between the two is calculated by the phase difference between the starting point and the end viridian laser.

After the study found that, for the viridian laser radar imaging method for a total of three, including the main unit and a detector array. The unit type, laser pointer for cats detection range is relatively small, it is through the scanning mode of each position already existing in the scanning sample at the destination. Viridian laser scans were mainly divided into from the target point to point to the distance and angle from the angle to the two image to measure the strength of the laser pointer for cats, a measurement range of each pixel.


In the viridian laser radar imaging technology in the main and object space scanning and scanning phase space, the use of free space scanning laser radar scanning mode usually has double wedge, ovate, rotating mirror and mirror four scanning modes. Third scanning modes laser pointer for  cats scan, it mainly exists in the scanning mode object space.viridian-laser2

Viridian laser alarm machine is passive photoelectric detection equipment, its function is to detect the target laser pointer for cats, properties signals such as wavelength range, this system can complete the detection and extraction of laser wavelength information. In the laser pointer for cats wavelength measurement system, the laser signal from the processing time of  camera output to the signal processor time and processor is two key can be real-time monitoring of viridian laser long.viridian-laser3

No matter what you see, there are viridian laser.Laser pointer for cats traces can accurately surgery, small particle accelerators like a clear-cut work. They can regenerate the surface of the sun hot state in the laboratory.