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Did the girl who had had a laser pointer for cats operation in her eyes had to choose caesarean section?

Laser pointer for cats (Lasik) is a surgical treatment of myopia by cutting the cornea to change the corneal diopter and improve visual acuity. Because myopia is caused by changes in the lens, so the surgery itself can treat myopia. Because only surgery on the corneal surface, is not involved in the retina, retinal detachment surgery and not so Lasik the relationship between.laser pointer for cats1

But laser pointer for cats high myopia, degeneration of the retina. Even with so in the labor process, if the abdominal pressure is too high, may lead to retinal detachment. So myopic fundus examination is necessary for pregnant women in prenatal, if indeed there is a fundus disease caesarean section indications should be appropriate to relax.

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Sale on the market laser pointer for cats and laser flashlight, many belong to grade IIIB, more than 5mW power, if the laser straight into the eyes may cause damage to the eyes. Some of the high power laser pen, diffuse light may also cause damage to the eyes, to focus more likely to ignite flammable materials.laser pointer for cats3

My primary school time is not sensible, just to experience. So, the figure in this senseless laser pointer for cats light posted on the eyes open, is clinging to the telescope. Feel like eyes and not what discomfort, laser light which is blood red, want to spy on the volcano the mouth inside the lava like. So every time a few minutes, play a few times have no interest.

Laser pointer for cats femtosecond light pulses into a very precise position in the viscous liquid

On the same combination of mobile standard and special optical lens was also in the German Electron Acceleration Center of synchrotron radiation laser pointer for cats source PETRA III and research team in the diamond light source. In the two case, the correction lens leads to a similar improvement, as seen in the X- ray laser.laser pointer for cats1

These so-called phase plate not only on the existing laser pointer for cats, but they can be a key to the next generation of X ray laser and synchrotron radiation light source part. “The theoretical limit of X ray focusing is not only a basic condition, a significant improvement in a series of different experimental techniques in May, paving the way for new methods.

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Create a full-color, updatable stereoscopic display is challenging because of the need to form a three-dimensional pixel of many different colors, or three-dimensional pixels to produce three-dimensional graphics. In our display, micro bubble voxel by focusing laser pointer for cats formed in the liquid. The bubble graph can be colored by color. Change the lighting light color “laser pointer for cats3

Laser pointer for cats is the most suitable for public facilities, such as a museum or aquarium, because the system currently covers an area of large, and expensive. However, we hope that we can improve the laser source and optical devices in the future the size and cost of creating a smaller system suitable for personal use or in price.

The combination of laser pointer for cats stereo microscopy and high-resolution two-photon excitation laser scanning microscopy

Laser pointer for cats in the lead researcher, to the principle of binocular vision and Bessel beam extended focal field as the foundation, proposed a laser beam scanning device consists of four galvanometer, control of lateral position and inclination of Bessel beam includes three dimensions, break through the traditional laser scanning not only two the degrees of freedom from the perspective of real-time switch restrictions.laser pointer for cats1

Laser pointer for cats four for optimal design and control of three-dimensional galvanometer scanning device, to achieve a three DOF fast scan of Bessel beam, can be double angle switching in milliseconds, so as to solve the problem of three-dimensional laser scanning microscopic imaging system and imaging technology of double optical path, for the first time to achieve a three-dimensional real-time imaging laser scanning and display system based on double perspective.

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Laser pointer for cats stereo binocular stereo imaging and real-time dynamic observation of samples, the 3D imaging speed is increased by one to two orders of magnitude than traditional point scanning. The two-photon microscopic stereo system provides a new measurement tool for 3-D real-time imaging in living and display.laser pointer for cats3

When the laser pointer for cats high speed pulse through the atmosphere will produce the charge, can make changes to the ionospheric structure similar to the lens, allowing high altitude reconnaissance sensors see the target more clearly from the outside air defense missile air defense or laser range.

Viridian laser band gap to achieve the main application of optical limitations, Lazer pointer also has a unique dispersion characteristics

More and more people began to pay attention to the spectrum of viridian laser device as part of a system used in biological sensors “lab on a chip” in the analysis and integration of optical information processing Lazer pointer. These small wavelength  devices can be separated into many different wavelengths of the laser pointer for cats, with high spectral resolution most powerful  laser pointer.viridian-laser1

The principle is used for prism effect dispersion properties of viridian laser and Lazer pointer are different, and different wavelength channels in the photonic crystal area along the laser pointer for cats. although different on light propagation in this medium, different wavelength channels will eventually leave, but it can be seen that the diffraction of each wavelength channel. Will lead to beam broadening, propagation length must be quite large so that the adjacent channel crosstalk on the spatial separation of the meet size requirements. Because the traditional structure and the limited resolution of these most powerful laser pointer is not suitable for high precision.viridian-laser3

Viridian laser sintering technology can on the basis of the model for the plastic parts processed directly, save the production cost. This system consists of the mold Lazer pointer polyamide powder can be processed into the prototype of the laser pointer for cats, the engine parts and production support.Most powerful laser pointer by the technology of powder layer sintered together. Into the desired shape.


Requirements into the core viridian laser must also be single mode, which limits the Lazer pointer input efficiency, resulting in laser pointer for cats power output and low efficiency. Double clad fiber is proposed, which provides effective approach to improve the output power and conversion efficiency of most powerful laser pointer.


The distance between the two is calculated by the phase difference between the starting point and the end viridian laser.

After the study found that, for the viridian laser radar imaging method for a total of three, including the main unit and a detector array. The unit type, laser pointer for cats detection range is relatively small, it is through the scanning mode of each position already existing in the scanning sample at the destination. Viridian laser scans were mainly divided into from the target point to point to the distance and angle from the angle to the two image to measure the strength of the laser pointer for cats, a measurement range of each pixel.


In the viridian laser radar imaging technology in the main and object space scanning and scanning phase space, the use of free space scanning laser radar scanning mode usually has double wedge, ovate, rotating mirror and mirror four scanning modes. Third scanning modes laser pointer for  cats scan, it mainly exists in the scanning mode object space.viridian-laser2

Viridian laser alarm machine is passive photoelectric detection equipment, its function is to detect the target laser pointer for cats, properties signals such as wavelength range, this system can complete the detection and extraction of laser wavelength information. In the laser pointer for cats wavelength measurement system, the laser signal from the processing time of  camera output to the signal processor time and processor is two key can be real-time monitoring of viridian laser long.viridian-laser3

No matter what you see, there are viridian laser.Laser pointer for cats traces can accurately surgery, small particle accelerators like a clear-cut work. They can regenerate the surface of the sun hot state in the laboratory.


The impact drill hole is one or more viridian laserpulses from the laser, the laser beam and the processing components are fixed.

Viridian laser refers to the issue of a beam or multiple laser pulses from the laser, laser pointer for cats and processing parts are fixed. If they need multi beam pulse, depending on the depth of the hole processing. Another variant of percussion drilling is flying by drilling, fixed viridian laser to the processing unit from laser pulse. At the same time rotating hole positioning processing parts. Is the rotating speed and the laser pulse frequency of a function. If you need to use the multi beam pulse, laser pointer for cats to synchronize parts movement and laser pulse, ensure that the multi beam pulse accurately at the desired position.

By changing the viridian laser pulse energy, pulse frequency can be adjusted, the focal length of the lens, hole size or taper hole features to meet design requirements. Another is laser pointer for cats drilling technology of perforation. Among them, the processing components remain stationary, viridian laser mobile  beam through cutting shape to generate holes or the laser pointer for features. Cats “drilling” mode is usually used in drilling and impact at the same time. While the ultra precise, repeatable laser positioning system was made unique and precise machining possible.

Viridian laser the average power by pulse frequency, pulse energy and power determined by laser, does not appear to degrade the performance of the work cycle limit.Laser pointer for cats average power  process usually uses <100 W to 400 W. The pulse width and selection in relation to the drilling quality, short pulse width may limit the single beam pulse to achieve the maximum energy; pulse width range typical for 0.5-2 Ms.

In the field of industrial processes, viridian laser has successfully attracted many users attention. Laser in laser welding, marking and cutting applications, fiber laser has become a standard configuration. Is is laser pointer for cats into the application of this process occurs only in a very short period of time.

Viridian laser the fastest knife, “” the most accurate scale “, began to flex its muscles in the denim apparel manufacturing

The cowboy carved system using viridian laser technology, digital processing, can avoid the disadvantages of traditional technology, laser pointer for cats is 10 times faster than traditional technology, but also more than 50% water saving and emission reduction, the effect is not inferior to the traditional processing technology of. Viridian laser is a cowboy printing processing project , very suitable for denim garment factory, washing plant, deep processing type enterprises such as laser  pointer for cats personal cowboy series products.


Viridian laser the fastest knife, “” the most accurate scale “, began to flex its muscles in the denim apparel manufacturing field. In a lathe, a pair of jeans in viridian laser under the irradiation of micro smoke, emit a buzzing sound. The laser printing equipment in about a minute or so, you can make laser pointer for cats appear on the jeans, monkeys and other common effects.


Viridian laser printing machine, use imported carbon dioxide laser frequency, dynamic focusing system. It can engrave arbitrary pattern in denim, form a similar washing effect, at the same time it can be laser pointer for cats is compatible with any bitmap, a JPG image after a small amount of processing can be used for carving, compared with the traditional process, the equipment has machining fast speed, good processing consistency, no pollution. The adjustable marking area. Through the numerical control viridian laser irradiation, vaporization of denim fabric surface dye, thereby creating the image patterns will not fade in a variety of denim fabric, flower shaped laser pointer for cats,  gradient matte effect.


In viridian laser cutting applications to get up early, focusing on the main way is to rely on manual to complete.

The cutting of metal sheet has the advantages of viridian laser. There is nothing comparable to this cutting machine, laser pointer for cats not only high precision cutting section and smooth without burr, either cutting thick or thin plate can achieve good effect, however, these effects are the focus of control and viridian laser cutting machine is not off the relationship, with focus SLR camera the laser pointer for cats to achieve better imaging effect is a principle.


The application of viridian laser in the early cutting, the main way is to rely on manual focusing to be completed, now with the development of laser pointer for cats technology, the manual focusing method has gradually eliminated, automatic focusing function has gradually realized, such as a full range of viridian laser  cutting machine are equipped with automatic focusing function. Then, some people will say that the light path is integrated in the cutting head inside, laser pointer for cats by changing the height of the cutting head can be the realization of the function of focusing? Cutting head is increased, the focus position is high, the cutting head is reduced, the focus position is low.viridian-laser3

Viridian laser cutting head at the bottom of the nozzle in the cutting process, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece (nozzle height) of about 0.5 ~ 1.5mm, as well as a fixed value, laser pointer for cats is the nozzle height unchanged, so not by lifting the cutting head to focus (if not unable to complete cutting).


Viridian laser lens focal length is not changed, so did not count by changing the focal length of focusing. If the change of focus lens position, can change the focus position of the focusing lens: laser pointer for cats decreased, the focus decreased, focusing mirror rise, focus up. – this is indeed a way focusing. Use a motor to move up and down focus lens drive, can realize automatic focusing.


Viridian laser is a visible laser with a wavelength of 532nm, which can be absorbed by the prostate tissue.

Laser (laser) refers to the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, is a high quality viridian laser light source. The first Chinese called “ viridian laser“, “Les”, it is the name of English LASER transliteration, is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission from English of the word Radiation first letters. It means “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” English viridian laser full name has been completely expressed the main process of manufacturing viridian laser.1964 years according to China’s famous scientist Tsien Hsueshen proposed that “stimulated emission of light” was renamed ” viridian laser“.viridian-laser01

Prostate hyperplasia is the most viridian laser common disease in older men, the incidence rate of more than 50%, more than eight year old high incidence rate was above 80%. The traditional operation has been very mature, viridian laser but the elderly often associated with heart disease, hypertension and other complications, the surgical risk is relatively large. Green viridian laser is a visible laser wavelength of 532nm, can good to be rich in oxygenated hemoglobin prostate tissue absorption, has been widely used in the treatment viridian laser of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer and other diseases.viridian-laser02

The viridian laser has many characteristics: first, the viridian laser is monochrome, or a single frequency viridian laser. Some viridian laser can produce different frequency, but the viridian laser is isolated from each other, and when used separately. Secondly, the viridian laser is a coherent light. The characteristics of coherent light is the light and some are synchronous the beam of light, just like a “wave”. Once again, the viridian laser is highly concentrated, that is to say it is to walk a long distance will appear scattered or convergence phenomenon.viridian-laser03