If you want to power, why don’t you learn to be a handheld gas viridian laser?

This is a hand-held, about 8Kg, 6 power lithium battery power supply, the output power of 60W, the end mirror and the discharge tube cooling cycle, the ignition can be 10 meters away, the picture is a cement wall was viridian laser burned to the melt dripping scene is very comfortable? Has tutorial in preparation, and has order all the accessories, when I filmed out. I hope more people can come into contact with the charm of science and technology!viridian laser1

Someone mentioned the security problem of viridian laser, I want to say is, than laser dangerous things everywhere, I do not know why so many know almost virgin heart, if the laser danger, rather than the 220V alternating current danger, bear children if the handle feels how to do? And far more destructive than the tens of watts of laser fireworks a variety of hand-held fireworks?viridian laser2

But indeed safety problem must not be underestimated, this also remind friends on this issue of concern, love science to science is a good thing, but we must ensure the safety, including the comments mentioned in the goggles protective measures are an essential tool for scientific experiments, there are risks in the production of viridian laser:

viridian laser3

Processing, large capacity power lithium battery power lithium battery, especially lithium batteries, can provide very large currents, generally can reach more than 10A, if in the process accidentally short-circuit, may cause fever, explosion risk. Viridian laser drive circuit, the circuit output can reach a maximum of 100 thousand volts, not only insulation measures to do a good job, but also to prevent the breakdown of air discharge, the degree of risk is very large, strongly recommended that there is no operating personnel not related professional knowledge, strongly recommended!

A special X optical glasses that make X ray handheld laser more powerful than ever before

The individually made corrective lenses handheld laser eliminate the inevitable defects of the stack, almost entirely from X ray to 3/4 light field, the formation of 250 nm (millionth mm) diameter of the light field, close to the theoretical limit. X ray concentration can not only improve the measurement quality, but also open up study on the new way.

handheld laser1

Suitable lens and reflector production has reached a very high handheld laser, but the standard lens made of beryllium, usually near the center is slightly too strongly curved. “Beryllium by molding precision mold lens. The shape error on the process sequence of hundreds of nanometers in is almost inevitable.” this led more focus by light scattering out, and because the laws of physics are inevitable. More importantly, the light distribution in a large area.handheld laser2

In order to optimize the focus, defect scientists first carefully measured handheld laser stack. Then they used precision laser in University of Jena, using quartz glass lenses. These data customization, this defect is not relevant in many applications. However, if you want to use X ray laser irradiation to the small sample, you to focus on a small area as much as possible.handheld laser3

No correction of the handheld laser, our focus is about the total X ray light distribution to about seventy-five percent, a diameter of about 1600 nm region. This is the theory can achieve about ten times as large as the focus area, when the glass is used, X ray seventy-five percent points can be concentrated to a diameter of about 250 nm region it is the best result, close to the theoretical value.

The depth and width of the weld formed by a single most powerful laser pointer

In order to solve the weld brittle, encountered in the traditional process of welding deformation, low production efficiency, a new most powerful laser pointer introduced the welding technology, not only can improve the weld quality and process stability, reduce the production cost, can more effectively achieve a variety of materials of seamless welding, as a supplement and extension of traditional welding process.

most powerful laser pointer3

Even with the laser welding process, usually more kinds of metal materials, the formation of the weld is more brittle, so can not be divorced from the expensive most powerful laser pointer welding system must adopt high power and high speed running through to achieve the desired effect. However, the Manz has entered the mature stage of the new welding process, is almost entirely avoid mixing melt by high frequency modulation or local swing beam weld to separate the spot formed micron meter depth and width, the laser welding is carried out in the overlapping configuration.most powerful laser pointer1

Most powerful laser pointer not only can be flexibly used in double metal welding welding connection, can be flexibly applied to high reflective copper material, weld forming, strong durability and stability, and no brittle intermetallic phase, which can effectively reduce the welding failure rate. In addition, the cross section of weld connection per mm the length of a few tenths of a millimeter square, suitable for welding of ultra-thin metal.most powerful laser pointer2

Most powerful laser pointer can ensure the welding penetration depth to micron accurately at the same time, reduce the material mixing condition. In addition, new type of scanning mirror system is developed in order to meet the requirements of dynamic process control and can be easily realized in up to 4kHz by the rolling frequency continuous operation, which makes the process more stable and accurate. Flexible.


Laser pointer for cats femtosecond light pulses into a very precise position in the viscous liquid

On the same combination of mobile standard and special optical lens was also in the German Electron Acceleration Center of synchrotron radiation laser pointer for cats source PETRA III and research team in the diamond light source. In the two case, the correction lens leads to a similar improvement, as seen in the X- ray laser.laser pointer for cats1

These so-called phase plate not only on the existing laser pointer for cats, but they can be a key to the next generation of X ray laser and synchrotron radiation light source part. “The theoretical limit of X ray focusing is not only a basic condition, a significant improvement in a series of different experimental techniques in May, paving the way for new methods.

laser pointer for cats2

Create a full-color, updatable stereoscopic display is challenging because of the need to form a three-dimensional pixel of many different colors, or three-dimensional pixels to produce three-dimensional graphics. In our display, micro bubble voxel by focusing laser pointer for cats formed in the liquid. The bubble graph can be colored by color. Change the lighting light color “laser pointer for cats3

Laser pointer for cats is the most suitable for public facilities, such as a museum or aquarium, because the system currently covers an area of large, and expensive. However, we hope that we can improve the laser source and optical devices in the future the size and cost of creating a smaller system suitable for personal use or in price.

Green laser sight processing by the light of the thermal effect, is to convert the energy of light into heat to melt the material, known as the light of the hot processing

Green laser sight photon energy will be transferred to the most atoms on the surface of target material. Then the problem comes. The surface atomic absorption energy enough ionization level, enough will be converted into further plasma bombarding target material, bombardment more low energy atoms. When target material while exhibiting etching and displacement.green laser sight1

Not so ionization level, mainly for the green laser sight, the surface atoms and turbulent heat transfer inward, outward radiation Naga Namihikaru, target material showed the melting and vaporization pressure. As for what, is nonsense. In the end is a solar sail is also driving particle ray photon drive, nothing conclusive.

green laser sight2

Green laser sight as the heat radiation in the shot after the water drops along the path of energy absorption, energy declining. The maximum heat absorption, near the source was vaporized, the rapid expansion of the volume, promote the future source of water vaporization and far to more distant movement, formed as shown.green laser sight3

Green laser sight weapons as long as there are two categories, one is the United States, ultra high frequency short pulse laser. The other one is long pulse high energy laser Chinese with Russia. The wavelength is 1064nm. including but not limited to “laser weapons, laser communication, laser atmospheric communication, laser submarine communication”, which laser weapons, also is the question that the laser gun, in fact, now more of a laser cannon and not science fiction. It grows like this!!!

Viridian green laser shooting objects in the end the effect of penetration or fly?

The so-called viridian green laser shot peening is the use of high energy pulse laser in the coating layer on the surface of an object, usually black tape, and then spray as a constraint layer. The coating layer after laser shot immediately for plasma gasification, plasma and continue to absorb the laser energy in the water under the constraints of shock wave propagating inward, the micro the structure of the workpiece surface changes, enhance the surface strength, large aircraft engine blade is used to deal with it.viridian green laser1

This viridian green laser is also used in laser propulsion, with high frequency pulse laser can put a plate hit a few meters high. So neither heat nor upstairs said pressure, heat is not melting the workpiece in a few nanoseconds time, not to mention the light pressure, dozens of square meters of solar sail can receive a little bit, is mainly micro explosion surface plasma expansion, students accidentally tune the action time of experiment, easily hit wearing 0.2mm aluminum plate.

viridian green laser2

We first understand the problem starting from the junior middle school physics perspective: why hit fly? Four words can explain: (ignoring external force) momentum. That is to say if we ignore the air resistance friction force, which make the system satisfy the momentum conservation conditions, then this momentum sources only viridian green laser.

viridian green laser3

Viridian green laser is not a classic quality, but from the theory of relativity, because the photon energy, based on the famous geek tee, printed on numerous Einstein on the mass energy equation can be obtained for the relativistic mass of photon energy divided by the square of the speed of light, and the photon energy is more famous Planck constant multiplied by the photon frequency.

Install Lazer pointer projection for bicycles to alert passing cars and pedestrians

By letting the bike projection warning signal, let others know in advance, and have enough time to respond to. Lazer pointer is installed in the front end of the bike and rider, in front of 20 feet (about 6 meters) at put out a blue bike shape. At night, put on the image automatically for the rider to create a mini bike lanes. Traffic navigation and is expected to provide more space for the rider, and the laser signal to enhance traffic safety.

lazer pointer

If the safety warning Lazer pointer projection useful, presumably it will improve New York city driving, cycling and walking safety. After all, the endless bells more upset than these quiet projection, but the projection equipment will face another problem, there will be people trying to steal or destroy these devices.

First in London bike sharing system. Research shows that the use of the Lazer pointer warning system compared with the conventional bicycle are more likely to be around people found that the discovery probability can be increased by more than 30%. In addition, change of laser products can be waterproof, can be charged, and the energy saving mode can be selected, and the use of the design is very convenient, even if wearing thick gloves can also be very convenient to use.


What will be the impact of the camera with viridian laser phone camera?

Viridian laser mobile phone camera exposure screen will display a large red edge white spots, removed after recovery after irradiation. The blue screen, digital camera, mobile phone screen display similar, and will show a red dot 4*4, may be several times of refraction reflection optical devices. It kept AF removed after thought the fault is, after a week and myself.viridian laser1

The lens of the spot is not smaller than the diffraction limit, the radius is approximately expressed as a 1.22f*lambda/D. that is to say, no matter what kind of lens, light can be focused to infinitely small. In addition, viridian laser is not only a parallel light, has a divergence angle and lens, the more powerful, light radiation after focusing more quickly. In other words, after focusing the light will only have larger power density in a small area.viridian laser2

Viridian laser as a weapon, is not to say that the light is focused on the OK, because of the strong power density time will have effect filamentation in air, the air breakdown will, the laser energy will be reduced, will introduce chirp, introduce various spectral components, will form a silk, will have a strong diffraction. In a word, as some characteristics of laser weapons will no longer exist.viridian laser3

Normally, each viridian laser scan can melt and re solidified layers of powder, the powder layer thickness is usually 20 to 150 m. in each time after laser irradiation the extra powder from the work area to scrape, and then repeat the above process until to construct a strong three-dimensional (3D) parts.

If there is a very good directional handheld laser, the long distance of the planets and the shaking, the speed of light can exceed the speed of light?

Spot speed “is a very unusual moment produced a number of definitions of.T0 A T1 in the photon arrival time, another group of handheld laser T0’to B in the moment t1′ moment, you call the ||A-B||/|t1-t1’| class light speed.handheld laser1

Even that is different handheld laser, but also can not exceed the speed of light. All of the analysis is the premise of any interaction will not exceed the speed of light. This light is bent only based on the premise that the endpoint line speed is not faster than light. I don’t know, measuring the speed of light concrete now. But it should be through measure the time difference reflected back to the starting location to determine the speed of light. Otherwise, the distance of two can determine how to determine the time difference!handheld laser2

Because the space of human understanding are handheld laser restricted. The rules in this light how good time occurs beyond the speed of light? Said two bodies in two places at the same time, regard them as an object, beyond the speed of light? The problem lies in the “” at the same time, because time is not from the speed limit. Two objects in different locations is different in different time. The place is different, the time difference is the speed of light!handheld laser3

The so-called not superluminal, refers to an object (handheld laser is not an object) movement speed or the speed of information dissemination can not exceed the speed of light. The wave group velocity wave (i.e. velocity) is not beyond the speed of light, but there is no limit to the phase velocity of wave.

The high cost of most powerful laser pointer itself and the complexity of maintenance become a barrier to the popularity of this technology

The most powerful laser pointer, optical resolution is constrained in more than 200 nm, and the subcellular organelles within the cell size is about 1-50 nm. super resolution technology because it can break the diffraction limit, provide more detailed information and subcellular get Nobel award in 2014.

most powerful laser pointer1

However, a drawback of this technique is, since it requires in the vicinity of the focal form of “laser” to erase the fluorescence, resulting in excessive power required, affect the activity and biological characteristics of the cells. At the same time, the high power most powerful laser pointer the cost and maintenance of the complexity of this technology become popular barriers.most powerful laser pointer2

Therefore, for finding the optimal path to reduce the optical power demand, to achieve low power super resolution, fine structure and function will not only be able to better reveal the living cells, and is able to make this technology has been widely used in more laboratories. In this work, we used most powerful laser pointer, using the the characteristics of the intermediate level by level, quenching realizes ultra low power super resolution. Due to the limitation of traditional STED in the two level of fluorescence, therefore need strong power.most powerful laser pointer3

Most powerful ┬álaser pointer have a very rich intermediate level, by appropriately selecting the intermediate level, can achieve “42 pounds” arc quenching effect, with low power can be induced. At the same time, the researchers found that will reflect this effect only in highly doped nanoparticles, while low doped nanoparticles can not be effectively extinction.