If you want to power, why don’t you learn to be a handheld gas viridian laser?

This is a hand-held, about 8Kg, 6 power lithium battery power supply, the output power of 60W, the end mirror and the discharge tube cooling cycle, the ignition can be 10 meters away, the picture is a cement wall was viridian laser burned to the melt dripping scene is very comfortable? Has tutorial in preparation, and has order all the accessories, when I filmed out. I hope more people can come into contact with the charm of science and technology!viridian laser1

Someone mentioned the security problem of viridian laser, I want to say is, than laser dangerous things everywhere, I do not know why so many know almost virgin heart, if the laser danger, rather than the 220V alternating current danger, bear children if the handle feels how to do? And far more destructive than the tens of watts of laser fireworks a variety of hand-held fireworks?viridian laser2

But indeed safety problem must not be underestimated, this also remind friends on this issue of concern, love science to science is a good thing, but we must ensure the safety, including the comments mentioned in the goggles protective measures are an essential tool for scientific experiments, there are risks in the production of viridian laser:

viridian laser3

Processing, large capacity power lithium battery power lithium battery, especially lithium batteries, can provide very large currents, generally can reach more than 10A, if in the process accidentally short-circuit, may cause fever, explosion risk. Viridian laser drive circuit, the circuit output can reach a maximum of 100 thousand volts, not only insulation measures to do a good job, but also to prevent the breakdown of air discharge, the degree of risk is very large, strongly recommended that there is no operating personnel not related professional knowledge, strongly recommended!