Did the girl who had had a laser pointer for cats operation in her eyes had to choose caesarean section?

Laser pointer for cats (Lasik) is a surgical treatment of myopia by cutting the cornea to change the corneal diopter and improve visual acuity. Because myopia is caused by changes in the lens, so the surgery itself can treat myopia. Because only surgery on the corneal surface, is not involved in the retina, retinal detachment surgery and not so Lasik the relationship between.laser pointer for cats1

But laser pointer for cats high myopia, degeneration of the retina. Even with so in the labor process, if the abdominal pressure is too high, may lead to retinal detachment. So myopic fundus examination is necessary for pregnant women in prenatal, if indeed there is a fundus disease caesarean section indications should be appropriate to relax.

laser pointer for cats2

Sale on the market laser pointer for cats and laser flashlight, many belong to grade IIIB, more than 5mW power, if the laser straight into the eyes may cause damage to the eyes. Some of the high power laser pen, diffuse light may also cause damage to the eyes, to focus more likely to ignite flammable materials.laser pointer for cats3

My primary school time is not sensible, just to experience. So, the figure in this senseless laser pointer for cats light posted on the eyes open, is clinging to the telescope. Feel like eyes and not what discomfort, laser light which is blood red, want to spy on the volcano the mouth inside the lava like. So every time a few minutes, play a few times have no interest.