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High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification

This thing can let you hold him everywhere you cut things like cutting, hot ions produced by rare earth elements can be as high as six thousand degrees Celsius, and the only air and electricity, but it is not in a vacuum to combat viridian green laser with good weapons, but it is really good for its production a bound magnetic field.viridian green laser1

It will be transformed into “viridian green laser“, although not really a laser, but it is with you in any place to see whether the laser sword or from the effects of the appearance is the same. These are about how this problem will hit energy weapons, naturally want to look like, and star wars in the macro effect almost, in a flash, a wisp of smoke, a smell of burning.

viridian green laser2

Strength is the hole size and depth, and the scope of the destruction will be extended to the hole diffusion, because the heat will extend the body diffusion into the surrounding tissue caused by the scope of the damage, so viridian green laser weapon if passing target would not All is well..

viridian green laser3

High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification, gasification out more because of the target, and the gasification is extremely rapid, then meet the principle of gas explosion caused by violent collision damage, the goal is not only being penetrated, and high temperature explosion.

The viridian green laser is the neutrino plated antimonides as photoelectric conversion material

Viridian green laser does not require high current, so the copper is good enough. There are metal magnesium is also very good, very good, but they are not. Of course, the next generation of the pursuit of high current LCLS II will not use metal cathode. But the metal cathode people naturally unwilling to low efficiency of evil. It has also developed a variety of surface coating materials or doping efficiency, in recent years the progress is quite big.

Then there are second kinds of viridian green laser. in telluride, antimonides III-V and several compounds. Efficiency is much higher than the metal, is basically 10 photons eject an electron. It is important that the antimonides and III-V compounds in green, and infrared light to generate power. Such as laser a frequency doubling laser energy is much higher, and the plastic is relatively easy.

The viridian green laser long wavelength, low photon energy, the electron temperature is low, quality is good. There is such a good thing, good for the other, the cathode also live. The problem is the biggest semiconductor cathode low life. Limited in the user device should be used.

The viridian green laser is the neutrino plated antimonides as photoelectric conversion materials, only their requirements as accelerator requirements. Telluride life can also only with ultraviolet light, the future LCLS II may use it. But in the discussion above 10mA high current device, have no choice, only antimonides.

Viridian green laser shooting objects in the end the effect of penetration or fly?

The so-called viridian green laser shot peening is the use of high energy pulse laser in the coating layer on the surface of an object, usually black tape, and then spray as a constraint layer. The coating layer after laser shot immediately for plasma gasification, plasma and continue to absorb the laser energy in the water under the constraints of shock wave propagating inward, the micro the structure of the workpiece surface changes, enhance the surface strength, large aircraft engine blade is used to deal with it.viridian green laser1

This viridian green laser is also used in laser propulsion, with high frequency pulse laser can put a plate hit a few meters high. So neither heat nor upstairs said pressure, heat is not melting the workpiece in a few nanoseconds time, not to mention the light pressure, dozens of square meters of solar sail can receive a little bit, is mainly micro explosion surface plasma expansion, students accidentally tune the action time of experiment, easily hit wearing 0.2mm aluminum plate.

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We first understand the problem starting from the junior middle school physics perspective: why hit fly? Four words can explain: (ignoring external force) momentum. That is to say if we ignore the air resistance friction force, which make the system satisfy the momentum conservation conditions, then this momentum sources only viridian green laser.

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Viridian green laser is not a classic quality, but from the theory of relativity, because the photon energy, based on the famous geek tee, printed on numerous Einstein on the mass energy equation can be obtained for the relativistic mass of photon energy divided by the square of the speed of light, and the photon energy is more famous Planck constant multiplied by the photon frequency.

Photonic crystal fiber viridian green laser is closely packed with a large number of air filled channels

The traditional viridian green laser core is solid glass, optical fiber cross-sectional view is similar to the new sieve. The hole separation rules, and are arranged according to certain rules, the hexagonal hole of each adjacent holes around the enclosure. The structure of the fibers defined in the space. The air holes can be that is the distance from the marker.viridian green laser1

We are now making the fiber is a twisted viridian green laser. led to the distortion of the hollow channel fiber length of helix winding. Then, the researchers through optical fiber laser. In normal circumstances, no core section, people will think of the light distribution screen itself decided between uniform mode, intensity and center in at the edge of the light intensity. On the contrary, physicists found some surprising things: the light is concentrated in the central region, there is the traditional optical fiber core position.viridian green laser2

This effect is similar to Einstein’s general theory of relativity of viridian green laser. which indicates that a large mass of celestial bodies, such as the sun distorts the space around it, or more accurately, which is a combination of warp space and time, and the fourth dimension three dimension of time is a piece of rubber, which placed a shot. The movement of light along the curvature. The shortest path between two points is not a straight line, but curve. During a solar eclipse, the real hidden behind the sun stars became visible.

viridian green laser3

This leads to the formation of light along the spiral movement of the geodesic. This can be intuitively understood, considering the light is always the shortest path through the medium of fact. Between the air filled channels of viridian green laser, which defines the possible path of the light. The light closer than the winding path through the spiral edge of the optical fiber optical fiber the center of the spiral longer, cause bending of light, in a certain radius of photonic crystal optical fiber orientation effect will make axis motion.