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Because the most powerful laser pointer are usually not visible, you can not know the laser weapons from which direction you, so it will be difficult to effectively intercept

The mirror surface can only be a high reflection band, do 100% reflection and transmission, a part of the most powerful laser  pointer to destroy the mirror surface, and in the light of the mirror case, it is difficult to have the time response, laser beam to detect and adjust the angle of the mirror reflection attacks.most powerful laser pointer1

This difficulty, because the most powerful laser pointer are usually not visible, you can not know the laser weapons from which direction, so it will be very difficult for you to effectively intercept weapons. At the same time laser energy density is very high, the general lens had estimated scrap.

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The essence of most powerful laser pointer is an electromagnetic wave, or a photon, the photon energy is calculated by E=hv, where h is the Planck constant V frequency. Therefore, the higher the frequency, the higher the energy. The laser frequency range of 3.846 * 10^14Hz to 7.895 * 10^14Hz.

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In view of this, most powerful laser pointer energy is not great, but its large energy density (because its scope is very small, only one point), a short time to gather a large amount of energy. The laser weapon is the use of the photon energy destruction, it is conceivable that the mirror may be a reflection however, after the moment it was melting, so to the very little utility.

The depth and width of the weld formed by a single most powerful laser pointer

In order to solve the weld brittle, encountered in the traditional process of welding deformation, low production efficiency, a new most powerful laser pointer introduced the welding technology, not only can improve the weld quality and process stability, reduce the production cost, can more effectively achieve a variety of materials of seamless welding, as a supplement and extension of traditional welding process.

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Even with the laser welding process, usually more kinds of metal materials, the formation of the weld is more brittle, so can not be divorced from the expensive most powerful laser pointer welding system must adopt high power and high speed running through to achieve the desired effect. However, the Manz has entered the mature stage of the new welding process, is almost entirely avoid mixing melt by high frequency modulation or local swing beam weld to separate the spot formed micron meter depth and width, the laser welding is carried out in the overlapping configuration.most powerful laser pointer1

Most powerful laser pointer not only can be flexibly used in double metal welding welding connection, can be flexibly applied to high reflective copper material, weld forming, strong durability and stability, and no brittle intermetallic phase, which can effectively reduce the welding failure rate. In addition, the cross section of weld connection per mm the length of a few tenths of a millimeter square, suitable for welding of ultra-thin metal.most powerful laser pointer2

Most powerful laser pointer can ensure the welding penetration depth to micron accurately at the same time, reduce the material mixing condition. In addition, new type of scanning mirror system is developed in order to meet the requirements of dynamic process control and can be easily realized in up to 4kHz by the rolling frequency continuous operation, which makes the process more stable and accurate. Flexible.


The high cost of most powerful laser pointer itself and the complexity of maintenance become a barrier to the popularity of this technology

The most powerful laser pointer, optical resolution is constrained in more than 200 nm, and the subcellular organelles within the cell size is about 1-50 nm. super resolution technology because it can break the diffraction limit, provide more detailed information and subcellular get Nobel award in 2014.

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However, a drawback of this technique is, since it requires in the vicinity of the focal form of “laser” to erase the fluorescence, resulting in excessive power required, affect the activity and biological characteristics of the cells. At the same time, the high power most powerful laser pointer the cost and maintenance of the complexity of this technology become popular barriers.most powerful laser pointer2

Therefore, for finding the optimal path to reduce the optical power demand, to achieve low power super resolution, fine structure and function will not only be able to better reveal the living cells, and is able to make this technology has been widely used in more laboratories. In this work, we used most powerful laser pointer, using the the characteristics of the intermediate level by level, quenching realizes ultra low power super resolution. Due to the limitation of traditional STED in the two level of fluorescence, therefore need strong power.most powerful laser pointer3

Most powerful ¬†laser pointer have a very rich intermediate level, by appropriately selecting the intermediate level, can achieve “42 pounds” arc quenching effect, with low power can be induced. At the same time, the researchers found that will reflect this effect only in highly doped nanoparticles, while low doped nanoparticles can not be effectively extinction.