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Lazer pointer is the matrix of each pulse laser into hundreds of laser pulses, collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis of the skin will stimulate the growth of

Lazer pointer is not good skin thinning, and the bottom skin flush. Stem cells but stimulate the deep dermis (including dermal mesenchymal stem cells, hair follicle sebaceous glands and other adnexal stem cells) active expression, promote skin regeneration. In the dermis fibroblasts are activated, a large number of synthetic collagen elastin, hyaluronic acid and other matrix components, so after laser treatment, the skin for newborn, the gradual restoration of depressed scar of the original.lazer pointer1

Using Lazer pointer for the treatment of facial acne scar, generally can be effective for the first time, for 3 consecutive times can obtain obvious effect. For larger or deeper scars were recommended for 5 consecutive times or more, the clinical effective rate of treatment can be as high as 100%.

lazer pointer2

In our daily life, in order to avoid acne scar, to minimize the duration and intensity of inflammation, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne is the best method to reduce acne scar formation. To maintain a reasonable diet. Do not hand to squeeze acne, to avoid causing purulent inflammation.

lazer pointer3

The formation of acne treatment in different different ways, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne does have a good effect, but if you are early erythematous acne scars, drugs can be controlled, it is not necessary to do laser treatment.

The Lazer pointer we’re going to pump into the plasma more and more energy, the plasma will become more and more hot

Lazer pointer is the first solid-state pulse laser. The principle of the invention: a xenon lamp as pump energy to photon energy transfer to the solid crystal special, usually neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal as stimulated, on both sides of a reflector and a half mirror as the resonance cavity, the laser came out from the half mirror.

lazer pointer1

The excitation energy of electrons in crystals can be excited from the ground state E0 to the E3 level of the highest pulse Lazer pointer, conversion from E3 to E2 non radiative transitions in a very short time, so the electron in the E2 level will be more, E2 level is also called metastable, through the cavity so that the process of electronic transitions to more the metastable transition is called inversion of.E2 level to the E1 level of 1064nm released photons, and quickly to non radiation transition to the ground state of E0.lazer pointer2

If we find a way to make it continue to output energy, and then a set of hands, put them on the moon. Unfortunately, Lazer pointer energy from the first to the earth’s atmosphere into the plasma, the instantaneous ignition of the whole earth, kill all people.lazer pointer3

But we might assume that by some method, Lazer pointer went through the atmosphere and not be affected. But in this case, the earth will still burn. The reflected light from the moon will be 4000 times brighter than the sun at noon. At this time the moon in less than a year’s time to boil the whole earth the sea.

Install Lazer pointer projection for bicycles to alert passing cars and pedestrians

By letting the bike projection warning signal, let others know in advance, and have enough time to respond to. Lazer pointer is installed in the front end of the bike and rider, in front of 20 feet (about 6 meters) at put out a blue bike shape. At night, put on the image automatically for the rider to create a mini bike lanes. Traffic navigation and is expected to provide more space for the rider, and the laser signal to enhance traffic safety.

lazer pointer

If the safety warning Lazer pointer projection useful, presumably it will improve New York city driving, cycling and walking safety. After all, the endless bells more upset than these quiet projection, but the projection equipment will face another problem, there will be people trying to steal or destroy these devices.

First in London bike sharing system. Research shows that the use of the Lazer pointer warning system compared with the conventional bicycle are more likely to be around people found that the discovery probability can be increased by more than 30%. In addition, change of laser products can be waterproof, can be charged, and the energy saving mode can be selected, and the use of the design is very convenient, even if wearing thick gloves can also be very convenient to use.


The coherent tunable Lazer pointer has important applications in the fields of laser spectroscopy, biomedical, environmental detection and electro-optical countermeasure

Lazer pointer is currently an important means can obtain coherent output of infrared laser tuning in, improve conversion efficiency not only can obtain high output power, make the system work in the critical state from injury, but also improve the stability and security of the system. But limited by the pump source laser beam quality, pulse width, pulse energy. And the nonlinear crystal quality and parameter conversion process of phase mismatch, inverse conversion factors, walk off effect etc. the pulse infrared laser to obtain high conversion efficiency is always a challenge.lazer pointer1

Lazer pointer and the diameter of the pump beam and its power density is closely related, in order to obtain the pump power density is high, the researchers usually have to be less energy pump focused in nonlinear crystal, and the small spot and limit the conversion efficiency, and the focus will cause phase mismatch in the nonlinear transformation process, inverse conversion and walk off effect phenomenon, impeding access with high conversion efficiency.lazer pointer2

The crystal must be 2 micron wavelength more than Lazer pointer, and the band of the current commercial laser can’t meet the high conversion efficiency, cannot obtain the short pulse laser, and the pump energy is higher. While suppressing the phase mismatch, inverse conversion factors, walk off effect etc., obtained the pulse energy output of infrared laser tuning, the light light conversion efficiency, creating a new record of the parametric conversion efficiency in the infrared ZGP, the parameters of the original record of the light light conversion efficiency increased by 30%.lazer pointer3

The design of lazer pointer considering the optimal size and power density of the pump beam parameters, optimum length of the nonlinear crystal and the optimum output rate, in which the nonlinear conversion required high peak power density at the same time, the pump beam was optimized to improve its spatial uniformity and reducing the divergence angle.