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Green laser sight mosquito technology said many years ago to civilian, and now the development of how?

The use of green laser sight is divided into left and right, the lower order on a shelf (above the bottom platform). The bottom shelf is composed of a small motor and gear drive, to do a 360 degree rotation, speed of about 2-3 per second ring.3 pickup signal input computer sound card. By sound amplification, a specific range of frequency and sound change through the analysis of the aegis program, when captured when the mosquito sound output, the general direction at this time by the software, can be precisely at the level of 45 degrees, the vertical range of 60 laser sight1

When the range of green laser sight, two step immediately mobilize the bottom platform into motor drive camera on the line to the corresponding range from red LED, blue LED rapidly alternating light, while the camera video laser sight2

Because when the mosquito sound is usually in flight, it will leave traces in different pixel coordinates of video, while the background is fixed, easily through the green laser sight in a very short period of time (0.5S) were compared, and filtering, the mosquito is highlighted.

green laser sight3

When green laser sight captures the relative coordinates, immediately driving the camera mobile, so that mosquitoes in the camera axis, and a laser diode which is coaxial with the origin of fire. The camera does not need too large power, only need to launch several laser pulses per second, about 20-50 times, continuous 2-3 seconds can destroy shooting mosquitoes.

Almost no loss of green laser sight in addition to transmission diffraction, as long as the energy is not a problem of blindness and leverage the attacking effect of enemy satellites

But the development of green laser sight greatly promoted the progress of scientific research, because the motivation is money and problems. In order to solve the effect of beam control and atmospheric turbulence, adaptive optics has been greatly developed; to solve the photoelectric detection tracking problem, various detection technology also obtained the support for the project.

green laser sight1

In order to solve the problem of laser power, beam quality, various types of green laser sight flowers contend, has made great progress. Although not achieve the dream of laser weapons, but all aspects of the theory of technological breakthroughs, has shortened the distance between dream and reality.

green laser sight2

The green laser sight is mainly used for weapons is three, chemical laser, solid laser, free electron laser. Chemical laser is able to achieve the maximum power, actually can be used early to intercept ballistic missiles, for example, two years ago in the United States in the Boeing 747 above tests of the ABL chemical laser sight3

Green laser sight free electrons away from the front of professionals already mentioned, will not repeat them. Generally speaking, this is a kind of rely on electricity to drive the laser, and has a huge advantage is tunable. But at present, the power is slightly lower.

Green laser sight processing by the light of the thermal effect, is to convert the energy of light into heat to melt the material, known as the light of the hot processing

Green laser sight photon energy will be transferred to the most atoms on the surface of target material. Then the problem comes. The surface atomic absorption energy enough ionization level, enough will be converted into further plasma bombarding target material, bombardment more low energy atoms. When target material while exhibiting etching and laser sight1

Not so ionization level, mainly for the green laser sight, the surface atoms and turbulent heat transfer inward, outward radiation Naga Namihikaru, target material showed the melting and vaporization pressure. As for what, is nonsense. In the end is a solar sail is also driving particle ray photon drive, nothing conclusive.

green laser sight2

Green laser sight as the heat radiation in the shot after the water drops along the path of energy absorption, energy declining. The maximum heat absorption, near the source was vaporized, the rapid expansion of the volume, promote the future source of water vaporization and far to more distant movement, formed as laser sight3

Green laser sight weapons as long as there are two categories, one is the United States, ultra high frequency short pulse laser. The other one is long pulse high energy laser Chinese with Russia. The wavelength is 1064nm. including but not limited to “laser weapons, laser communication, laser atmospheric communication, laser submarine communication”, which laser weapons, also is the question that the laser gun, in fact, now more of a laser cannon and not science fiction. It grows like this!!!

Solid green laser sight driving device beam quality pursuit near field of square flat topped Gauss distribution

In order to improve the gain medium energy extraction efficiency, reduce the nonlinear effect caused by transmission in the green laser sight to reduce the risk of damage, the beam modulation caused by diffraction; far field distribution of the pursuit of high energy concentration, avoid shooting when plugging holes and increase the irradiation energy. Because the optical element device in wavefront error and disturbance to the beam propagation. Influence of near field distribution in any case can not get rid of wavefront distortion.

green laser sight1

Therefore, the distribution of the green laser sight parameter space detection are the main distribution of near field intensity, far field characteristics and the wavefront distortion, which reflects the beam device specific position. The complex amplitude distribution characteristics of high power laser driver near field measurement is widely used in the image transfer system shrinkage imaging, imaging distortion is lower, the higher the laser sight2

Get the near-field distribution of the frequency components are more, but the complete fidelity is impossible, for the green laser sight distribution, less than mm scale fluctuations to linear imaging or can not be measured. In fact, the best way to solve the second difficulties of measuring far-field wavefront distribution is to obtain high resolution, according to the far field and near field. The relationship between the phase to calculate the optimal position of the far field.

green laser sight3

Wavefront measurement is near field measurement more difficult, only green laser sight common measurement method for low-frequency wave response, high frequency components of wavefront cannot be measured.