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This viridian green laser is expected to become the basis of molecular quantum computer

This viridian green laser is expected to become the basis of molecular quantum computer, in fact, not only can be used for laser cooling of molecules, can be used to accurately to return to the original state. If physicists can control what part of molecular vibration, can use this technology to store information “viridian green laser2

Because the viridian green laser to such a low temperature cooling is very tricky, but the distance of molecular quantum computer into reality is still a long distance, because of the advances in this field is too slow. In addition, the molecular is cooled to near absolute zero may react more slowly, for a more detailed observation of the reaction.

viridian green laser3

In viridian green laser, between the microwave and infrared bands — a terahertz band, always dressed in a veil of mystery. The radio of THz wave in public exposure is far better than people with the use of microwave communication, life, medical X – ray, and let the eyes tell the world the visible light.

viridian green laser1

Viridian green laser can effectively overcome the other band in medical imaging, and some short board communication applications, has some advantages to replace the existing technology. However, the application of THz wave, there are still many bottlenecks, one of which is difficult to obtain strong THz radiation source.

In welding process, compared with other types of lazer pointer

In welding process, compared with other types of lazer pointer diode laser in many ways to show superiority. For example, one advantage is that the process of molten pool especially stable: “although they work from the moderate, molten metal splash in sheet metal laser diode or laser optical components on the a lot of weld and forming a cleaner, more smooth.lazer pointer1

The characteristics of a Lazer pointer laser is obvious, which is the distribution of laser beam, the wavelength between 930 and 1060nm, with a maximum of four wavelength coupling formed. These factors are the reasons of stability of diode laser in the process and the advantages of the welding process.lazer pointer2

In addition, the Lazer pointer beam can be absorbed more efficiently because its wavelength is shorter than the wavelength of the fiber laser or disc laser (typically between 1030 and 1070nm)lazer pointer3

Lazer pointer because of the stability of the favored by the compressed air into the key components of laser, dust and splash water and therefore can not invade; diode laser function even under adverse environmental conditions can still be guaranteed.

The main reason is that this technique requires smaller viridian laser

Scientists have found the secret to let the computer instantly improve million times, but this is all just stay at the theoretical stage, the main reason is that this technique requires smaller viridian laser, and now the development of the semiconductor industry is the biggest bottleneck process is slow.viridian laser1

This technology not only need 3D transistors are smaller, its working principle is not dependent on the power to realize, but viridian laser, it relies on the ultra fast laser pulse to move electrons. Using gallium selenide crystal as the semiconductor, and using femtosecond laser pulse irradiation to its speed, and for “light” electronic devices the mobile charge carriers, too fast, they do not collide with each other, not only can improve the speed, and more energy efficient.viridian laser3

The use of uranium and air to produce viridian laser, and provides an opportunity for the combination of uranium and oxygen. The researchers Industrial University says the technology could be detected between oxygen and uranium stored in energy, the technique can also detect uranium is ordinary instant noodles.viridian laser2

Automatic control of elevation of viridian laser control system, the top floor design elevation is automatically controlled by computer laser machine, can ensure smooth ground, achieve precise leveling directly on the concrete layer, the ground roughness is not affected by construction template effect of vibration, not the middle formwork, reduce artificial material investment, shorten the construction process, to speed up the construction progress.

In the use of handheld laser pulse spot welding, solder joints are easy to produce cracks, resulting in decreased welding strength, stability is greatly reduced

With the mobile phone, tablet computer, update the development of laptops and other consumer electronic products, a large number of new technology, new materials, new structure has been applied, and Aluminum Alloy has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good forming property, are widely used in the production of a variety of consumer electronic products structure, and the further the processing of handheld laser welding process.handheld laser1

The traditional CO2, YAG handheld laser Aluminum Alloy continuous welding can avoid cracks, but the traditional laser beam quality is poor, large volume, high maintenance cost, photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, restricting its application in consumer electronics products to some extent.handheld laser3

In particular, the structural parts of consumer electronic products have the characteristics of thin thickness, small size, high precision, etc., the traditional continuous handheld laser welding is easy to produce deformation, welding, burning and other issueshandheld laser2

The rapid development of handheld laser has brought an opportunity to solve this problem, fiber laser was born in 1960s, by the technical constraints, the development is slow

Most powerful laser pointer wash the green tattoo scar?

The first point: to correct the tattoo when it is bleed, but the damage is superficial capillaries so oozing of blood soon stopped, caused a tattoo without bleeding illusion. Then said the tattoo, now the most commonly used most powerful laser pointer tattoo is relying on high energy laser instrument the emission of large particles of pigment to break with the scab and white blood cell phagocytosis of the pigment metabolized.

People who have studied physics in junior high school know that the most powerful laser pointer is white light, which is decomposed into different monochromatic light with different wavelengths after the prism dispersion.

We know the reason why objects of different colors is the surface absorption of most powerful laser pointer, reflecting certain wavelengths of light to show a variety of colors, such as yellow objects absorb red blue reflectance yellow light, black absorbs all the light, while white reflects all light.

Now the tattoo machine has two kinds of most powerful laser pointer head: a green head, the wavelength of 500 nanometers; a white head, the wavelength of 1000 nm, when the laser to tattoo, will be absorbed by corresponding color pigment, so that the effect of break.

Would like to make automatic barber, with laser pointer for cats hair cut to the desired length, feasible?

The head is a little more complicated surface, the requirements of the hair to the end of the envelope is a more complex surface, you will need to consider the laser pointer for cats scanning device (scanning device not scan the length of hair) the complexity of movement; the head (skin) surface is covered with hair, what mode?laser pointer for cats1

Want to let the hair floating up, use a vacuum cleaner on the line. The principle of cutter suction fan and electric shaver is barber, is not the most important tool in the form, but the calculating model. The skull model directly touch with mechanical probe, image processing model of face model by laser pointer for cats measurement.

laser pointer for cats2

The idea is very good, the artificial hair is slow, but it is difficult to guarantee quality, after every time I would like to ask the barber haircut for money. But people think there is no need to use laser pointer for cats, the direct use of miniature electric razor is better, the cost is not in an order of magnitude above. But there may be injured by laser the operation of higher precision, software algorithm and so on.

laser pointer for cats3

With the wind pipe into the hair, and then in the air duct with laser pointer for cats cut should be. The wind pipe can be flat crescent, can slide on the scalp. Hair with laser length. The position is not necessarily a laser, electric tool should better use.

Green laser sight mosquito technology said many years ago to civilian, and now the development of how?

The use of green laser sight is divided into left and right, the lower order on a shelf (above the bottom platform). The bottom shelf is composed of a small motor and gear drive, to do a 360 degree rotation, speed of about 2-3 per second ring.3 pickup signal input computer sound card. By sound amplification, a specific range of frequency and sound change through the analysis of the aegis program, when captured when the mosquito sound output, the general direction at this time by the software, can be precisely at the level of 45 degrees, the vertical range of 60 laser sight1

When the range of green laser sight, two step immediately mobilize the bottom platform into motor drive camera on the line to the corresponding range from red LED, blue LED rapidly alternating light, while the camera video laser sight2

Because when the mosquito sound is usually in flight, it will leave traces in different pixel coordinates of video, while the background is fixed, easily through the green laser sight in a very short period of time (0.5S) were compared, and filtering, the mosquito is highlighted.

green laser sight3

When green laser sight captures the relative coordinates, immediately driving the camera mobile, so that mosquitoes in the camera axis, and a laser diode which is coaxial with the origin of fire. The camera does not need too large power, only need to launch several laser pulses per second, about 20-50 times, continuous 2-3 seconds can destroy shooting mosquitoes.

High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification

This thing can let you hold him everywhere you cut things like cutting, hot ions produced by rare earth elements can be as high as six thousand degrees Celsius, and the only air and electricity, but it is not in a vacuum to combat viridian green laser with good weapons, but it is really good for its production a bound magnetic field.viridian green laser1

It will be transformed into “viridian green laser“, although not really a laser, but it is with you in any place to see whether the laser sword or from the effects of the appearance is the same. These are about how this problem will hit energy weapons, naturally want to look like, and star wars in the macro effect almost, in a flash, a wisp of smoke, a smell of burning.

viridian green laser2

Strength is the hole size and depth, and the scope of the destruction will be extended to the hole diffusion, because the heat will extend the body diffusion into the surrounding tissue caused by the scope of the damage, so viridian green laser weapon if passing target would not All is well..

viridian green laser3

High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification, gasification out more because of the target, and the gasification is extremely rapid, then meet the principle of gas explosion caused by violent collision damage, the goal is not only being penetrated, and high temperature explosion.

Lazer pointer is the matrix of each pulse laser into hundreds of laser pulses, collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis of the skin will stimulate the growth of

Lazer pointer is not good skin thinning, and the bottom skin flush. Stem cells but stimulate the deep dermis (including dermal mesenchymal stem cells, hair follicle sebaceous glands and other adnexal stem cells) active expression, promote skin regeneration. In the dermis fibroblasts are activated, a large number of synthetic collagen elastin, hyaluronic acid and other matrix components, so after laser treatment, the skin for newborn, the gradual restoration of depressed scar of the original.lazer pointer1

Using Lazer pointer for the treatment of facial acne scar, generally can be effective for the first time, for 3 consecutive times can obtain obvious effect. For larger or deeper scars were recommended for 5 consecutive times or more, the clinical effective rate of treatment can be as high as 100%.

lazer pointer2

In our daily life, in order to avoid acne scar, to minimize the duration and intensity of inflammation, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne is the best method to reduce acne scar formation. To maintain a reasonable diet. Do not hand to squeeze acne, to avoid causing purulent inflammation.

lazer pointer3

The formation of acne treatment in different different ways, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne does have a good effect, but if you are early erythematous acne scars, drugs can be controlled, it is not necessary to do laser treatment.

Viridian laser is the principle of what to read information recorded on an optical disk?

We usually say viridian laser is actually a component of the spindle motor, servo motor, the structure of the laser head and moving mechanical parts. And the laser head is composed of a lens group and a laser diode. Laser light from laser diode for generating and emitting laser, it can produce a wavelength of about 400nm (blue) -680nm (red) light in the laser head, a planar reflection prism of a very clever design.

viridian laser1

When CD-ROM in CD-ROM, sent from the photodiode signal converted into a laser beam, and then by plane prism to the disc. The CD is due to the uneven pits on behalf of “0” and “1” to record the data, so they accept viridian laser when the reflected light is weak the points.

viridian laser2

When the reflected viridian laser through the plane of refraction prism, the photodiode is changed into electrical signals, after conversion into a level control circuit, with only “0”, “digital signal 1″ signal, the computer can read the Cd contents. The laser wavelength is shorter, can distinguish more small bump pit is the same size of the optical disk storage capacity is higher.viridian laser3

When reading is played in the past by viridian laser, which is on the receiver to obtain binary convex discriminant information. Different wavelength of laser in determining the size of the disc can play information is not the same, because most if its minimum energy hole, which is intensive.