Almost no loss of green laser sight in addition to transmission diffraction, as long as the energy is not a problem of blindness and leverage the attacking effect of enemy satellites

But the development of green laser sight greatly promoted the progress of scientific research, because the motivation is money and problems. In order to solve the effect of beam control and atmospheric turbulence, adaptive optics has been greatly developed; to solve the photoelectric detection tracking problem, various detection technology also obtained the support for the project.

green laser sight1

In order to solve the problem of laser power, beam quality, various types of green laser sight flowers contend, has made great progress. Although not achieve the dream of laser weapons, but all aspects of the theory of technological breakthroughs, has shortened the distance between dream and reality.

green laser sight2

The green laser sight is mainly used for weapons is three, chemical laser, solid laser, free electron laser. Chemical laser is able to achieve the maximum power, actually can be used early to intercept ballistic missiles, for example, two years ago in the United States in the Boeing 747 above tests of the ABL chemical laser sight3

Green laser sight free electrons away from the front of professionals already mentioned, will not repeat them. Generally speaking, this is a kind of rely on electricity to drive the laser, and has a huge advantage is tunable. But at present, the power is slightly lower.