The Lazer pointer we’re going to pump into the plasma more and more energy, the plasma will become more and more hot

Lazer pointer is the first solid-state pulse laser. The principle of the invention: a xenon lamp as pump energy to photon energy transfer to the solid crystal special, usually neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal as stimulated, on both sides of a reflector and a half mirror as the resonance cavity, the laser came out from the half mirror.

lazer pointer1

The excitation energy of electrons in crystals can be excited from the ground state E0 to the E3 level of the highest pulse Lazer pointer, conversion from E3 to E2 non radiative transitions in a very short time, so the electron in the E2 level will be more, E2 level is also called metastable, through the cavity so that the process of electronic transitions to more the metastable transition is called inversion of.E2 level to the E1 level of 1064nm released photons, and quickly to non radiation transition to the ground state of E0.lazer pointer2

If we find a way to make it continue to output energy, and then a set of hands, put them on the moon. Unfortunately, Lazer pointer energy from the first to the earth’s atmosphere into the plasma, the instantaneous ignition of the whole earth, kill all people.lazer pointer3

But we might assume that by some method, Lazer pointer went through the atmosphere and not be affected. But in this case, the earth will still burn. The reflected light from the moon will be 4000 times brighter than the sun at noon. At this time the moon in less than a year’s time to boil the whole earth the sea.