Laser pointer for cats femtosecond light pulses into a very precise position in the viscous liquid

On the same combination of mobile standard and special optical lens was also in the German Electron Acceleration Center of synchrotron radiation laser pointer for cats source PETRA III and research team in the diamond light source. In the two case, the correction lens leads to a similar improvement, as seen in the X- ray laser.laser pointer for cats1

These so-called phase plate not only on the existing laser pointer for cats, but they can be a key to the next generation of X ray laser and synchrotron radiation light source part. “The theoretical limit of X ray focusing is not only a basic condition, a significant improvement in a series of different experimental techniques in May, paving the way for new methods.

laser pointer for cats2

Create a full-color, updatable stereoscopic display is challenging because of the need to form a three-dimensional pixel of many different colors, or three-dimensional pixels to produce three-dimensional graphics. In our display, micro bubble voxel by focusing laser pointer for cats formed in the liquid. The bubble graph can be colored by color. Change the lighting light color “laser pointer for cats3

Laser pointer for cats is the most suitable for public facilities, such as a museum or aquarium, because the system currently covers an area of large, and expensive. However, we hope that we can improve the laser source and optical devices in the future the size and cost of creating a smaller system suitable for personal use or in price.