Green laser sight mosquito technology said many years ago to civilian, and now the development of how?

The use of green laser sight is divided into left and right, the lower order on a shelf (above the bottom platform). The bottom shelf is composed of a small motor and gear drive, to do a 360 degree rotation, speed of about 2-3 per second ring.3 pickup signal input computer sound card. By sound amplification, a specific range of frequency and sound change through the analysis of the aegis program, when captured when the mosquito sound output, the general direction at this time by the software, can be precisely at the level of 45 degrees, the vertical range of 60 laser sight1

When the range of green laser sight, two step immediately mobilize the bottom platform into motor drive camera on the line to the corresponding range from red LED, blue LED rapidly alternating light, while the camera video laser sight2

Because when the mosquito sound is usually in flight, it will leave traces in different pixel coordinates of video, while the background is fixed, easily through the green laser sight in a very short period of time (0.5S) were compared, and filtering, the mosquito is highlighted.

green laser sight3

When green laser sight captures the relative coordinates, immediately driving the camera mobile, so that mosquitoes in the camera axis, and a laser diode which is coaxial with the origin of fire. The camera does not need too large power, only need to launch several laser pulses per second, about 20-50 times, continuous 2-3 seconds can destroy shooting mosquitoes.

High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification

This thing can let you hold him everywhere you cut things like cutting, hot ions produced by rare earth elements can be as high as six thousand degrees Celsius, and the only air and electricity, but it is not in a vacuum to combat viridian green laser with good weapons, but it is really good for its production a bound magnetic field.viridian green laser1

It will be transformed into “viridian green laser“, although not really a laser, but it is with you in any place to see whether the laser sword or from the effects of the appearance is the same. These are about how this problem will hit energy weapons, naturally want to look like, and star wars in the macro effect almost, in a flash, a wisp of smoke, a smell of burning.

viridian green laser2

Strength is the hole size and depth, and the scope of the destruction will be extended to the hole diffusion, because the heat will extend the body diffusion into the surrounding tissue caused by the scope of the damage, so viridian green laser weapon if passing target would not All is well..

viridian green laser3

High strength viridian green laser crude hit the target, the target partial gasification, gasification out more because of the target, and the gasification is extremely rapid, then meet the principle of gas explosion caused by violent collision damage, the goal is not only being penetrated, and high temperature explosion.

Lazer pointer is the matrix of each pulse laser into hundreds of laser pulses, collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis of the skin will stimulate the growth of

Lazer pointer is not good skin thinning, and the bottom skin flush. Stem cells but stimulate the deep dermis (including dermal mesenchymal stem cells, hair follicle sebaceous glands and other adnexal stem cells) active expression, promote skin regeneration. In the dermis fibroblasts are activated, a large number of synthetic collagen elastin, hyaluronic acid and other matrix components, so after laser treatment, the skin for newborn, the gradual restoration of depressed scar of the original.lazer pointer1

Using Lazer pointer for the treatment of facial acne scar, generally can be effective for the first time, for 3 consecutive times can obtain obvious effect. For larger or deeper scars were recommended for 5 consecutive times or more, the clinical effective rate of treatment can be as high as 100%.

lazer pointer2

In our daily life, in order to avoid acne scar, to minimize the duration and intensity of inflammation, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne is the best method to reduce acne scar formation. To maintain a reasonable diet. Do not hand to squeeze acne, to avoid causing purulent inflammation.

lazer pointer3

The formation of acne treatment in different different ways, Lazer pointer for the treatment of acne does have a good effect, but if you are early erythematous acne scars, drugs can be controlled, it is not necessary to do laser treatment.

Viridian laser is the principle of what to read information recorded on an optical disk?

We usually say viridian laser is actually a component of the spindle motor, servo motor, the structure of the laser head and moving mechanical parts. And the laser head is composed of a lens group and a laser diode. Laser light from laser diode for generating and emitting laser, it can produce a wavelength of about 400nm (blue) -680nm (red) light in the laser head, a planar reflection prism of a very clever design.

viridian laser1

When CD-ROM in CD-ROM, sent from the photodiode signal converted into a laser beam, and then by plane prism to the disc. The CD is due to the uneven pits on behalf of “0” and “1” to record the data, so they accept viridian laser when the reflected light is weak the points.

viridian laser2

When the reflected viridian laser through the plane of refraction prism, the photodiode is changed into electrical signals, after conversion into a level control circuit, with only “0”, “digital signal 1″ signal, the computer can read the Cd contents. The laser wavelength is shorter, can distinguish more small bump pit is the same size of the optical disk storage capacity is higher.viridian laser3

When reading is played in the past by viridian laser, which is on the receiver to obtain binary convex discriminant information. Different wavelength of laser in determining the size of the disc can play information is not the same, because most if its minimum energy hole, which is intensive.

Due to the strong coherence of handheld laser, emitted by the point light sources of coherent wavelet beam space coherent.

So while handheld laser out of the initial phase are the same, but encountered reflective objects (here after the wall, diffuse. The surface of the mirror and smooth with dust), reflecting to a certain point after some photons go, some photons walk less some reflection, so to meet again when they phase is different, so there will be some local bright dark flecks of some places this pattern, known as speckle.

handheld laser2

According to the Huygens Finel principle, diffuse surfaces in tiny points of light. Due to the strong coherence of handheld laser, emitted by the point light sources of coherent light beam coherent wavelet. Different phase coherent light beam, the formation of bright spots, dark spots in space, or in bright spots and dark spots between the. The diffuse phase difference between wavelet coherent beam is randomly distributed, and the coherent light beam in space wavelet formed bright spots and dark spots of countless random distribution, known as speckle.

handheld laser3

After the presence of speckle often affect the resolution of optical instrument.Handheld laser for holographic lighting, also found that the effect of laser speckle on the holography resolution. It was believed that the speckle is a special noise with useless information, a lot of methods to weaken or even eliminate the speckle. Until 1969, people through research gradually found some useful information carried by the speckle, and gradually developed into a laser speckle measurement techniques.handheld laser1

Diffuse surface handheld laser lighting solid beam spread, and thus the diffuse reflection surface after laser speckle formed in space, in a certain space to determine the location of the observed

Because the most powerful laser pointer are usually not visible, you can not know the laser weapons from which direction you, so it will be difficult to effectively intercept

The mirror surface can only be a high reflection band, do 100% reflection and transmission, a part of the most powerful laser  pointer to destroy the mirror surface, and in the light of the mirror case, it is difficult to have the time response, laser beam to detect and adjust the angle of the mirror reflection attacks.most powerful laser pointer1

This difficulty, because the most powerful laser pointer are usually not visible, you can not know the laser weapons from which direction, so it will be very difficult for you to effectively intercept weapons. At the same time laser energy density is very high, the general lens had estimated scrap.

most powerful laser pointer3

The essence of most powerful laser pointer is an electromagnetic wave, or a photon, the photon energy is calculated by E=hv, where h is the Planck constant V frequency. Therefore, the higher the frequency, the higher the energy. The laser frequency range of 3.846 * 10^14Hz to 7.895 * 10^14Hz.

most powerful laser pointer1

In view of this, most powerful laser pointer energy is not great, but its large energy density (because its scope is very small, only one point), a short time to gather a large amount of energy. The laser weapon is the use of the photon energy destruction, it is conceivable that the mirror may be a reflection however, after the moment it was melting, so to the very little utility.

Did the girl who had had a laser pointer for cats operation in her eyes had to choose caesarean section?

Laser pointer for cats (Lasik) is a surgical treatment of myopia by cutting the cornea to change the corneal diopter and improve visual acuity. Because myopia is caused by changes in the lens, so the surgery itself can treat myopia. Because only surgery on the corneal surface, is not involved in the retina, retinal detachment surgery and not so Lasik the relationship between.laser pointer for cats1

But laser pointer for cats high myopia, degeneration of the retina. Even with so in the labor process, if the abdominal pressure is too high, may lead to retinal detachment. So myopic fundus examination is necessary for pregnant women in prenatal, if indeed there is a fundus disease caesarean section indications should be appropriate to relax.

laser pointer for cats2

Sale on the market laser pointer for cats and laser flashlight, many belong to grade IIIB, more than 5mW power, if the laser straight into the eyes may cause damage to the eyes. Some of the high power laser pen, diffuse light may also cause damage to the eyes, to focus more likely to ignite flammable materials.laser pointer for cats3

My primary school time is not sensible, just to experience. So, the figure in this senseless laser pointer for cats light posted on the eyes open, is clinging to the telescope. Feel like eyes and not what discomfort, laser light which is blood red, want to spy on the volcano the mouth inside the lava like. So every time a few minutes, play a few times have no interest.

Almost no loss of green laser sight in addition to transmission diffraction, as long as the energy is not a problem of blindness and leverage the attacking effect of enemy satellites

But the development of green laser sight greatly promoted the progress of scientific research, because the motivation is money and problems. In order to solve the effect of beam control and atmospheric turbulence, adaptive optics has been greatly developed; to solve the photoelectric detection tracking problem, various detection technology also obtained the support for the project.

green laser sight1

In order to solve the problem of laser power, beam quality, various types of green laser sight flowers contend, has made great progress. Although not achieve the dream of laser weapons, but all aspects of the theory of technological breakthroughs, has shortened the distance between dream and reality.

green laser sight2

The green laser sight is mainly used for weapons is three, chemical laser, solid laser, free electron laser. Chemical laser is able to achieve the maximum power, actually can be used early to intercept ballistic missiles, for example, two years ago in the United States in the Boeing 747 above tests of the ABL chemical laser sight3

Green laser sight free electrons away from the front of professionals already mentioned, will not repeat them. Generally speaking, this is a kind of rely on electricity to drive the laser, and has a huge advantage is tunable. But at present, the power is slightly lower.

The viridian green laser is the neutrino plated antimonides as photoelectric conversion material

Viridian green laser does not require high current, so the copper is good enough. There are metal magnesium is also very good, very good, but they are not. Of course, the next generation of the pursuit of high current LCLS II will not use metal cathode. But the metal cathode people naturally unwilling to low efficiency of evil. It has also developed a variety of surface coating materials or doping efficiency, in recent years the progress is quite big.

Then there are second kinds of viridian green laser. in telluride, antimonides III-V and several compounds. Efficiency is much higher than the metal, is basically 10 photons eject an electron. It is important that the antimonides and III-V compounds in green, and infrared light to generate power. Such as laser a frequency doubling laser energy is much higher, and the plastic is relatively easy.

The viridian green laser long wavelength, low photon energy, the electron temperature is low, quality is good. There is such a good thing, good for the other, the cathode also live. The problem is the biggest semiconductor cathode low life. Limited in the user device should be used.

The viridian green laser is the neutrino plated antimonides as photoelectric conversion materials, only their requirements as accelerator requirements. Telluride life can also only with ultraviolet light, the future LCLS II may use it. But in the discussion above 10mA high current device, have no choice, only antimonides.

The Lazer pointer we’re going to pump into the plasma more and more energy, the plasma will become more and more hot

Lazer pointer is the first solid-state pulse laser. The principle of the invention: a xenon lamp as pump energy to photon energy transfer to the solid crystal special, usually neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal as stimulated, on both sides of a reflector and a half mirror as the resonance cavity, the laser came out from the half mirror.

lazer pointer1

The excitation energy of electrons in crystals can be excited from the ground state E0 to the E3 level of the highest pulse Lazer pointer, conversion from E3 to E2 non radiative transitions in a very short time, so the electron in the E2 level will be more, E2 level is also called metastable, through the cavity so that the process of electronic transitions to more the metastable transition is called inversion of.E2 level to the E1 level of 1064nm released photons, and quickly to non radiation transition to the ground state of E0.lazer pointer2

If we find a way to make it continue to output energy, and then a set of hands, put them on the moon. Unfortunately, Lazer pointer energy from the first to the earth’s atmosphere into the plasma, the instantaneous ignition of the whole earth, kill all people.lazer pointer3

But we might assume that by some method, Lazer pointer went through the atmosphere and not be affected. But in this case, the earth will still burn. The reflected light from the moon will be 4000 times brighter than the sun at noon. At this time the moon in less than a year’s time to boil the whole earth the sea.